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November 17, 2012
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Memories by Kiaraz Memories by Kiaraz
After a while, action movies can get pretty repetitive. After watching the majority of the action movies in your father’s extensive collection, you tend to crave something a little softer. That’s what had Connor determinedly rummaging through shelf after shelf of movies for something that caught his eye that didn’t feature explosions or firearms. Connor had searched for twenty minutes with little to show for it when he finally found it. A small box tucked safely in the bottom corner of one of the shelves. It was covered in a thick layer of dust and when Connor pulled it from its spot, the dust poured from the surface and danced through the air, causing him to cough lightly into his fist. Carefully Connor removed the lid and investigated its contents.

On the very top was an aged photo of two figures sitting on a park bench, their hands tightly entwined. His parents.

The photos was yellowed, the colours dull with age, and the edges were curling up like withered flower petals. It couldn’t have been much older than the photo Connor kept on his bedside table, but it was in significantly better condition. His photo was hardly holding together; crumpled and ripped and somewhat crusty from when he’d left it in his pocket and it had gone through the wash; but it was one of his dearest possessions. It too was of his parents, a year before his birth and one of the last photos they had taken together before their separation.

Connor remembered holding it tightly to his chest as he stood on his father’s doorstep with his heart in his throat and hoping the man whom he had never met before wouldn’t throw him away. He remembered reluctantly loosening his grip on it to give to Haytham and the spark of recognition in his father’s eyes. He was offered a room that night and they had spent the next week awkwardly shuffling around each other until the DNA test had come back and Hatham was forced to accept his son into his life after missing seventeen years of Connor’s.

Beneath the picture in the box were three VCR tapes. With hesitant fingers Connor slowly removed the top one and his eyes scanned the label on the side. ‘H & Z – 10 March 1994 – Sarah’s party’. Curiosity rushed through him in an instant.

“Well, at least it’s not another action movie.” He chuckled to himself.

It took a few minutes to hook up an old VCR player to the TV, made significantly more difficult by Connor’s lack of knowledge when it came to technology and subsequent failure. But shortly after he emerged victorious from his war with the multitude of cables, a picture flickered to life across the screen. It was halfway through the video but Connor didn’t dare try to rewind it as he was certain it wouldn’t end well.

Haytham looked young. The lines beside his eyes and on his forehead that Connor had become familiar with were gone without a trace. He looked like Connor. He had to pause the video to trace the pads of his fingers over the facial features all too similar to his own.

And then there was Ziio, his mother, and Connor couldn’t help the wetness from forming in his eyes or the sudden weight in his chest. She was beautiful. Unlike Haytham, she looked exactly how he remembered her.

They were both smiling. Grins brightened their whole faces and twinkled in their eyes. The party raged on around them but by the way they were looking at each other, so engrossed in the other’s presence, it was clear they could have been all alone and they wouldn’t have noticed.”

“There’s the it couple! We’ve been looking all over for you two!” a whiny male voice called from behind the camera.

Ziio turned around to look at the camera with an air of distinct annoyance at being interrupted but the way her lips turned up slightly made it clear she didn’t mind too much. “What do you want now, Thomas?”

“Aww, can’t you at least pretend to be excited to see me?”

“Do you want the honest answer to that or the one that will soothe your inflated ego?” Ziio drawled teasingly.

“You wound me, Z.” Obnoxiously fake sobbing was heard for a few short moments. In that time Haytham and Ziio had managed to wrap themselves back in each other’s arms. “Anyway, I’ve been asked to take a few happy snap shots of our poster couple soooo c’mon, give us a kiss for the camera!”

Haytham snapped in a way significantly less graceful than he would now. “Thomas! Do you not understand how-“ He mumbled off and his words were lost to the air when Ziio leant up on her tiptoes and pressed her lips against his cheek.

Thomas cheered behind the screen while Haytham blinked dumbly and stuttered. Connor felt himself chuckle around the popcorn he was chewing as he knew he would never get to see his father act like that now-days. “O-okay, turn the off now, Thomas!” Haytham slurred out and reached forward to turn the camera off.

The screen turned dark and barely a second later Connor felt something cool press up against his cheek. He startled and flinched away. Haytham was standing behind him, leaning over the back of the couch with a cool beer extended in his hand. His tie loose and hair slightly rumpled, clearly just home from a tough day at work. He never offered Connor alcohol so he took the offered bottle cautiously. Connor had expected Haytham to yell at him, be angry at him for seeing something so personal without his permission but what actually happened was so much the opposite that Connor was speechless.

“We left soon after this.” He pointed to the blank screen nonchalantly. “Sarah McGregor started flirting with me and your mother tipped the entire bowl of punch over her head and dragged me out of there before anyone could comment.” Haytham took a sip of the opened beer in his hand and strolled around the furniture with ease, taking a seat on the floor next to Connor.

“That certainly sounds like something she would do.” Connor mumbled.

Haytham turned his head to the side to look at his son fully. “Yeah…yeah, it is.”

The teen pulled his knees up to his chest and rested his head upon them, eyes still locked upon Haytham. “You tell me a story, I’ll tell you one?”

Haytham laughed jovially, he’d never shown that much positive emotion to Connor in the two months he had been there and it left him breathless.



So yeah, I had this silly little idea for an AC3 AU setting and decided to make a comic and a drabble fic about it. Hope you like it.

If you like my art, please check out my tumblr art blog, I post more on there anyway. [link] Send me an ask on tumblr and I'll draw a reply for you as one of the characters.


Assassin's Creed (c) Ubisoft
Art (c) Kiaraz
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